Dubai is on the brink of a game-changing development in the real estate sector: the imminent global launch of an innovative AI-powered app. This app promises to streamline the process of buying, monitoring, and selling property assets with just a single click, resembling transactions in the stock market. Additionally, it will serve as a vital source of market data for developers, aiding them in making informed decisions regarding project development and pricing strategies.

Indian tycoon Mukesh Ambani, the visionary behind Reliance Industries, has spearheaded India’s entry into the competitive AI arena. Through his entity Seetha Mahalaxmi Healthcare (SML), in partnership with esteemed institutions like IIT Bombay and eight other Indian Institutes of Technology, Ambani has launched “Hanooman,” a suite of extensive language models (LLMs) meticulously trained on 22 Indian languages. The ambitious “BharatGPT” initiative aims to democratise AI by overcoming linguistic barriers and making it accessible to India’s diverse user base.